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You don’t need to workout for hours to get in great shape. Now it only takes as little as 30 Minutes with our new 30 Minute Run + Drills Express Workouts

“Over the last several years, researchers have slowly but surely reached the consensus that HIIT (high-intensity interval training), far outperforms conventional aerobic endurance type exercises”
Dr. Mercola

30 Minute Express Workouts by Fitness Runs

 We combined two of the most popular and scientifically proven ways to get in shape: running + strength training Nathaniel Owner of Fitness Runs


The class starts with our signature dynamic warm-up specific for runners. Then the class moves into running drills to help run more efficient and lastly we start running intervals interspersed with cardio-strength drills all designed to build muscle and burn fat and make you a better runner. The class will be in one location so if your slow or can’t do a lot of miles this class will be perfect for you because everything is in one area. We welcome all levels of fitness.


  • Taught by certified running coaches, personal trainers and fitness/ yoga instructors that specialize in running.
  • Take the skills you learn from our classes and apply them when you run on your own!
  • Improve your running times. Our structured Fitness Runs classes will help you become Faster, Stronger, Efficient and Injury Free!



Get 3 Classes for $25


1 Class | $20
*expires in 7 days
5 Classes | $80
*expires in 3 months
Ten Classes | $140
*expires in 6 months


  • Choose from 4 or 8 classes each monthly
  • As low as $15 per class
  • Auto-Renews each month
  • 3 month commitment required
4 Classes | $68
*one class weekly
8 Classes | $120
*two classes a week


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Those of you looking for a quick cardio-focused workout, this is your class! After our signature dynamic warm-up, the class moves into running intervals interspersed with cardio-strength drills designed to build muscle and burn fat during and after the work-out. We finish up with a short spurt tabada sequence, alternating exercises to give you one final cardio push.
Whether you’re a NYRR member, belong to a Run Club or you’re a treadmill runner at a studio or a gym you will benefit from any of our classes.

 *All running levels are welcome

The class is 100% focused on running drills to help you run faster, stronger, more efficient and injury free. If you want to become a better runner you don’t want to miss this!

Any runner whether you’re a NYRR member, belong to a Run Club or you’re a treadmill runner at a studio or a gym you will benefit from our new RUN DRILLS class.

Winter Classes Take Place In Hell’s Kitchen:

We meet on the pier between the New York Water Taxi and the P D O’Hurley’s restaurant. At the beginning of the pier you will see a small concrete pillar that says “Pier 84” the coach will be waiting for you there.


The new RUN + YOGA format combines an intense 30 minute cardio burst of running drills, followed by a 30 minute yoga format designed specifically for runners that infuses strength and flexibility exercises, which are critical for optimizing your body’s performance. Expert running coaching and yoga instruction are on-hand to ensure proper technique and inspiration throughout this combo class!
Our unique yoga program specifically for runners, cyclists and athletes to help you perform at your best. Whether you’re an average runner to elite runner or a competitive cyclist to a 3x a week soul cycle or flywheel fan we can help you perform at your best!
Whether you’re a NYRR member, belong to a Run Club or you’re a treadmill runner at a studio or a gym you will benefit from any of our classes.


We welcome all fitness levels! Regardless of your current physical activity level, our expert instructors will monitor your ability at all times. The classes may be difficult and challenging, but the goal is to push you to your highest potential. The overall mission of Fitness Runs ™ is to help you become faster, stronger and run injury free!

We made FitnessRuns ™ affordable for all. Our classes are as low as $8.62 per class, depending on what package and duration of the class you choose. We created our program to serve as your primary fitness program, as well as to complement any existing program you currently follow (i.e. spinning, boot camp, yoga, barre, etc).  

Simple, bring a small water bottle and towel. WARNING: With colder weather we recommend bringing gloves and a hat, some drills will require you to have your hands on the ground.

*Coaches will not be responsible for lost or stolen items so again it’s best to bring as little as possible to your classes

This varies from person to person. For most people, we recommend that you eat a small meal or snack about an hour before class. This should be something light that is easily digestible of about 75-150 calories. It’s also important to be well hydrated before, during, and after any workout program so make sure your drinking water.



Nathaniel Oliver, fitness expert, personal trainer, avid marathon runner and triathlete, developed FitnessRuns™ after spending over a decade delivering customized In-Home Personal Training to some of New York’s busiest executives, actors and models looking to maximize “bang for their buck” with the time they spent on fitness. Over the years, he has perfected the most time efficient, calorie and fat-burning routines and is inspired to share his learnings with the growing number of NYC time-squeezed, health conscious individuals.

Nathaniel is certified by The American Council on Exercise and is also a Medical Exercise Specialist from American Academy of Health, Fitness, and Rehabilitation Professionals. He has been featured in numerous publications including: Time Out NY (2007), Allure “Total Makeover” (2005/2006), New York Magazine Best of New York (2004), and Weight Watchers.

Owner of Fitness Runs



FITNESS RUNS™ were designed for busy, health conscious, and fitness minded New Yorkers, who want a new and comprehensive approach to their fitness routine. Whether you’re looking for the latest craze in fitness or interested in complementing your current routine, Fitness Runs is for you!





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