Fitness Run Classes 

It's A Full Body Outdoor Workout, Designed By New York City Fitness Guru Nathaniel Oliver, The Founder Of Type A Training

Fitness Runs™ Is More Than Your Average Run In The Park!

Not All Fitness Classes Are Designed To Help You Reach Your Specific Fitness Goal. Pilates And Barre, For Example, Can Help You Tone Up, But Doesn't Really Boost Your Heart Rate Or Create An After-Burn That keeps Your Metabolism Elevated Even Hours After You've Finished Your Workout At The Gym. For This To Happen, You'll Need A Higher-Intensity, Faster-Paced Workout. Oh, hello Fitness Runs!

About Fitness Runs Classes 

Our Classes are a hybrid of the normal classes that you take because we fuse several key fitness elements together to create the ultimate workout class with science to back it up. What is even more exciting get to train in some of the best outdoor places in Manhattan.  Take a break from indoor classes and come out and run with us.

Fitness Runs classes

  • The Fitness Run 
  • Run + Strength
  • Run + Ypga
  • Kids + Run + Play

Run + Strength classes have a more traditional format. We start with our signature dynamic drills to warm you up. The workout then proceeds to 1-minute intervals of running and strength training. The class ends with light stretching and cool down at the end.

“I created Fitness Runs to make workouts more efficient and effect and with purpose... I combined two of the most popular and scientifically proven ways to get in shape: Running + Strength Training

Nathaniel W. Oliver

Owner of  Fitness Runs 

and Type A Training of NYC

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